Haiti & Covid-19 Relief

K1 DIRECT is on ground in Haiti as part of a collaborated response effort, bringing immediate relief to those affected by the Earthquake.

As a response to COVID-19, K1 DIRECT continues to provide ongoing food distribution in St Maarten to those in need due to the economic impact of the pandemic on this largely tourist-dependent country.

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Day 9


At 9 AM this morning we met at the harbor for a debriefing with all the volunteers. It was decided we would send one team to distribute much needed food to the vulnerable homes that we have been taking care of who were running out of supplies.

The homes we delivered to today were the White and Yellow Cross Home, the New Start children’s home, the Mental Health Foundation and the hospital. We visited different locations to find out exactly which supplies they were low on, and then went to where we have the food stored in order to gather the right supplies for each home in need before returning to the locations to deliver.

The rest of our volunteers worked together to load water onto the designated trucks together with the Dutch Marines and the Coast Guard. Our convoy went to the first designated water distribution point in Middle Region and worked to distribute water to all those that were waiting. We then moved to Pond Fill by Air Lekkerbek to set up the distribution point and give out the allocated water to those in the neighborhood.

When we came back to to Pond Fill by Air Lekkerbek, the food distribution trucks had arrived and our K1 Britannia Foundation volunteers worked alongside the Dutch Marines, Coast Guard and the Samaritan’s Purse volunteers to distribute food and additional water to the residents in the area.

This evening we met with the the heads of the organizations for government distribution of supplies on the island to discuss how the distributions went and make plans for tomorrow.