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K1 Direct is currently assisting St Maarten by providing emergency logistics and conducting the collaborated distribution across Dutch St Maarten - which as a tourism-dependent island has been hard-hit economically by COVID-19.
Through warehousing, coordination of logistics, data management, packaging, distribution and more - K1 Direct is helping to ensure that those in need of help are assisted during this ongoing crisis.

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K1 DIRECT – Disaster Relief & Crisis Team, is a voluntary response team under K1 Britannia. With our current core team established on St. Maarten and in Curacao, we are prepared to assist in ocean-related disasters in the Caribbean Region. We endeavor to mobilize before hurricanes strike to assist countries immediately before, during, and post-disaster.


K1 Direct has assisted in the following natural disasters:

  • Hurricane Irma, St Maarten (September 2017)
  • Hurricane Maria, Dominica (October 2017)
  • Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas (September 2019)


K1 Direct is comprised of Core and Support volunteers, who are trained and equipped to be deployed to assist in disaster management and response throughout the Caribbean region. K1 Direct members are trained in crisis management, emergency medicine, registration in emergencies, data collection, information management, public relations, psychosocial support, organization and distribution of relief goods, shelter management, emergency logistics, and more.  K1 Direct is also equipped with the logistics, supplies, equipment and regional partnerships needed to be effective in immediate relief.

K1 Direct maintains dialogue with countries throughout the Caribbean, as due to the unexpected and chaotic nature of disasters, our experience has taught us that the more pre-planning and dialogue there is between Governments and Relief Organizations, the more effectively and smoothly relief operations can be carried out in times of crisis

We have seen the intensity and regularity of major natural disasters growing and the increasing need for trained first responders to be on ground both before and immediately after disaster strikes. As such, we are continuing to expand K1 Direct’s reach and capacity, both within the Caribbean region and internationally.


Reactions from Organizations and Countries K1 Direct has worked with: 

“I am more confident than ever that the level of our disaster preparedness and management is in the hands of hard-working NGO’s who have Sint Maarten’s well-being at heart.”… Honorable Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin, St Maarten

“My experience with K1 Direct is just positive energy, coming in with open arms and saying how can we help?” … Jan-Willem Wegdam, International Organization for Migration

“I’ll always remember K1 Direct! And we really appreciate your “take-charge” attitude to get the job done. I really love working with you.” … Honorable Senator Forbes-Smith, Bahamas

“(K1) truly seem to care and do the right thing under difficult circumstances with no time for their own agendas. A property the Dutch Marines wish to relate to! If in the unfortunate event the island needs our help again, we look forward to closely working with K1 again!” … Andries Broersma, Major RNLMC, Commander MSTU, Royal Netherlands Navy

“K1 is well organized and have proven their ability to ensure that the ones that are in need of assistance are taken care of. Their intentions are genuine and their results speak for themselves!” … Eugene H. G. Middelhof MBA, Deputy Director Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard

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