Hurricane Dorian Relief

K1 DIRECT has deployed a team of volunteers of the Curacao and St. Maarten branch to the Bahamas to assist with relief efforts caused by Hurricane Dorian. Your support makes a significant difference. Thank you.

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Foster Care Program

Foster children and teenagers are one of the most vulnerable and fragile groups of youth on the island. The manner in which they deal with their current and past experiences and circumstances is crucial in their development. This program’s goal is to provide trainings, opportunities, and other forms of assistance to positively influence and contribute to their development into well-rounded and adjusted youth. We consciously act to meet the emotional, educational, and extracurricular needs of young persons identified as at-risk of heading down the wrong path because of abuse or neglect.

Working alongside St. Maarten’s Court of Guardianship and Family Guardianship, we have long-term projects focusing on recruiting and facilitating trainings for potential mentors and foster parents; providing volunteers to meet specific needs of children under protective custody; providing material and other assistance to foster homes; conducting training and life-skill workshops for foster teenagers; providing jobs, job-training and scholarships for the teenagers leaving foster care, and raising awareness of the severity of the situation to the public.