Hurricane Dorian Relief

K1 DIRECT has deployed a team of volunteers of the Curacao and St. Maarten branch to the Bahamas to assist with relief efforts caused by Hurricane Dorian. Your support makes a significant difference. Thank you.

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Day 2


We met at the preorganized meeting point with all the volunteers. Because of all the check points, only a few were able to make it. We assisted the police with stocking up their supplies for their staff. Then we met the owner of Le Grand Marche, Danny Ramchandani, who donated whatever food was left for us to distribute on the island, specifically for the shelters and other homes that needed care. K1 Volunteers teamed up with the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Dutch Royal Military Police) and the local police to do two pickups from the Le Grand Marche and stored it at a base before dividing it up for the necessary locations.

We then had a meeting with those in charge of the shelters to see if we can assist with the opening of new shelters. We also recruited new volunteers, some of whom were tourists that had been affected by the hurricane and wanted to help where they could. We also had discussions with a couple of the hotels to bring in additional food supplies as well as helped to negotiate moving some of their guests into temporary shelters.