Holland America Line Student Highlight: Shenauri Carty (Carpentry)


“I didn’t really have any expectations going into the course, it was just a foundation to get my focus back on track while learning a skill. After 4 weeks into it, I noticed myself becoming very interested in the information and practices. I bought tools and started practicing at home, while asking a lot of questions to anybody already in carpentry. What I expect most is to complete the course and be competent enough to continue working in the field because it will take more training after these initial 6 months to be a professional; there’s always room to grow to be a better me! Plus, I love being a female in a male dominated arena, I feel extra respect is being given.” – Shenauri

Shenauri is one of 18 students currently enrolled in a 6 month MIC Institute of Technology Construction Carpentry in partnership with NIPA – National Institute for Professional Advancement.

The course is made possible by K1 Britannia Foundation through main sponsorship of Holland America Line and the Dutch Disaster Fund.