Haiti & Covid-19 Relief

K1 DIRECT is on ground in Haiti as part of a collaborated response effort, bringing immediate relief to those affected by the Earthquake.

As a response to COVID-19, K1 DIRECT continues to provide ongoing food distribution in St Maarten to those in need due to the economic impact of the pandemic on this largely tourist-dependent country.

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Donation Total: $100.00

St Maarten Week 10


As we continue the rebuilding phase, we visited various businesses on the island in search for items and materials needed to rebuild the foster homes, vulnerable institutions, afternoon schools and daycares. For the specific institutions that we are helping, we have a list of specific materials and items that need to be donated either locally or from abroad.

Throughout the week, we held various meetings with stakeholders to look for ways in which we can create opportunities for yachts and tourists to visit the island and rebuild, as well as long-term employment opportunities for our youth.

Over 2-3 days we moved all our food, water and supplies from our old storage to new storage. We were assisted by the Coast Guard and Heavenly Water, who provided a flatbed and truck.

Kooyman St. Maarten contacted us about donating food and water to our stock. We received 1 pallet of canned goods and will receive 3 pallets of milk and water soon. During the week we delivered water to Safe Haven, Turning Point, UJIMA, Dr. J Crisis Center and St. Maarten Youth Council.

We followed up a request for High Energy Biscuits (HEB) by donating 10 boxes to the MAC – High to assist their students.

We continued preparations for our Christmas Angels Program which will be expanded this year to include various new organizations that can benefit from the program. https://k1britanniafoundation.org/projects/christmas/christmas-angels/

Throughout the week, lunch was provided by Kat of Arena Base Cafe.