Haiti & Covid-19 Relief

K1 DIRECT is on ground in Haiti as part of a collaborated response effort, bringing immediate relief to those affected by the Earthquake.

As a response to COVID-19, K1 DIRECT continues to provide ongoing food distribution in St Maarten to those in need due to the economic impact of the pandemic on this largely tourist-dependent country.

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Donation Total: $100.00

Day 4


We found out that Hurricane Jose was due to hit by the late afternoon so we started the day at 6 am to prepare. We assisted 26 tourists to get settled in the shelter, helping them get set up with food and water as well as seeing which ones needed medical attention so that they could get the help they needed. Cleaning supplies were then given to the shelter and K1 volunteers assisted in cleaning and sanitizing rooms especially to accommodate the sick patients, children and pregnant mothers.

During this time, half the K1 team assisted with transporting people to the only existing shelter, NIPA.

Working with the foster children is critical to the work that we do so we went to check on the situation of the children in the New Start Foster Home (majority of the children are ages 0-11) and found them in timely need of medication and food. We were able to bring them fresh bread which was generously donated by Cake House Bakery along with drinking water, which they also needed. They suffered a lot of damage to their building so we promised to check up on them the next day.