Scholarship Fund

One challenge that we have faced over the years has been to find sponsorship for the education and training opportunities that we would like to give to individual youths that we work with. These are all young people who on their own cannot afford higher education or advanced training, and have no or very limited family support. Youths like this — though they are willing to work hard and have shown tremendous potential and have the talent — often fall through the cracks because of lack of opportunity. This problem has only been compounded since hurricane Irma, with a decrease of employment, especially amongst youngsters.

As a long-term solution to this problem, K1 – with the support of the Dutch Disaster Fund – has set up a scholarship fund to award learning and training opportunities in a variety of skills and areas — both academic and hands-on — to local youth.

The fund is geared towards youth between the ages of 16 and 26. The scholarship fund is set up to support individuals and also will provide funding to group programs such as vocational training, GED, apprenticeships, etc.