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K1 Direct is currently assisting the Government of St Maarten by providing emergency logistics and conducting the collaborated distribution across Dutch St Maarten. Through warehousing, coordination of logistics, data management, packaging, distribution and more - K1 Direct is helping to ensure that those in need of help are assisted during this crisis.

As a charitable foundation, K1 is not financially compensated to carry out these services, and so relies on donations in order to sustain it’s relief activities. If you would like to make a donation towards helping our relief efforts, it would be a tremendous help!

You can help via local bank transfer:

Name: K1 Britannia Foundation
Account number: 81213210
Address: 22H Juancho Yrausquin Blvd
Bank: Windward Islands Bank

Or click the button below to make an online donation.

For more information on K1’s work, watch our online fundraiser “Mobilize St Maarten, Through Music” on May 30th at 7pm on our Facebook page:

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News Articles

K1 DIRECT recruits new members
Extra CW

K1 DIRECT – K1’s Disaster Relief & Crisis Team is currently recruiting new volunteers to be a part of their team based in Curacao. Since its launch back on September 6, 2018, K1 DIRECT has been partnering with local, regional and international disaster relief initiatives and organisations, and has grown to a team of over forty volunteer members based in St. Maarten and in Curaçao. The decision to develop a branch in Curaçao stemmed from the island’s strategic location outside of the hurricane belt and its social connection to St. Maarten.

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K1 DIRECT marks first anniversary
The Daily Herald

K1 Britannia Foundation marked the first anniversary of K1 DIRECT – Disaster Relief & Crisis Team, since its launch back on September 6, 2018. Since then, K1 DIRECT has been partnering with local, regional and international disaster relief initiatives and organisations, and has grown to a team of over forty volunteer members based in St. Maarten and in Curaçao.

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K1 DIRECT completes training in psychosocial support in disasters
The Daily Herald

Eight volunteer members of K1 Britannia Foundation’s Disaster Relief and Crisis Team K1 DIRECT recently received a two-day psychosocial training facilitated by Inspired – Psychology Practice and Consultancy and the St. Maarten and Netherlands Red Cross.

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K1 Britannia students graduate in carpentry
The Daily Herald

Sixteen local youth successfully completed a six-month carpentry course made possible by K1 Britannia Foundation in collaboration with National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA). The course allowed the students to be internationally certified with Carpentry Level 1 qualifications through MIC Institute of Technology based in Trinidad and Tobago.

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K1 DIRECT rounds off supply chain management training
SXM Talks

K1 Britannia Foundation’s Disaster Relief and Crisis Team – K1 DIRECT – in collaboration with the Government of Sint Maarten have rounded off a four-day End-2-End Supply Chain Management Training which they hosted and organized and was facilitated by World Food Programme (WFP) and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

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St. Maarten youth sharpening skills and building for the future
The Daily Herald - Weekender

K1 Britannia Foundation partnered with National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) to provide a fully sponsored six-month carpentry course – courtesy of Holland America Line and The Dutch Disaster Fund.

The course is MIC Institute of Technology certified, where youths decided to take on the challenge to learn the ins and outs of carpentry. Fast-forward to today, and the students are on their way to graduation and are sharing their experiences thus far.

We asked them the following questions..

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Six K1 DIRECT members trained in emergency medical response
The Daily Herald

Six K1 DIRECT St. Maarten members have completed their Emergency Medical Response (EMR) training facilitated by Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services (WIEMS).

The training certifies the members for the next two years. The theoretical and practical trainings were conducted over a four-month period and consisted of two evening sessions per week of theory and several weekend sessions of practical training and assessments.

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Meet your local K1 DIRECT disaster relief responders!
The Daily Herald - Weekender

As the hurricane season dawns on us, we would like to take notice of the group of talented volunteers committing their time to participate in rigorous trainings to adequately prepare for disaster situations.

While hurricanes are ultimately inescapable, K1 Britannia Foundation realised that a long-term solution must be put in place to be prepared; K1 DIRECT which is comprised of those very volunteers.

On St. Maarten, there are approximately 20 volunteers who all have been vetted and selected to be a part of K1 DIRECT (Disaster Relief & Crisis Team). Since 2018, they have been undergoing trainings, made possible by Carnival Cruise Line and the Dutch Disaster Fund. Through their experiences post-Irma and K1 DIRECT, they all feel better prepared to assist their community in case of an emergency.

We asked them..

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Holland America Line hosts luncheon for K1 students
The Daily Herald

K1 Britannia Foundation and National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) construction students were recently invited to tour Holland America Line’s vessel MS Koningsdam.

Holland America Line (HAL) is one of the biggest sponsors of the K1-NIPA construction course and the sponsors chose to host the youth of St. Maarten along with K1 staff onboard for a special luncheon.

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Over 40 Participants complete UNDAC and K1 Disaster Response Course
Relief Web

Over the duration of two weeks, Mr. Jacob “Sjaak” Seen, Multidisciplinary Operational Team Leader of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team facilitated a concentrated two-week Disaster Response Course for K1’s Disaster Relief and Crisis Team (DIRECT). Over 40 participants including persons of K1 DIRECT Curacao, K1 DIRECT St. Maarten, Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services (Wiems), Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, members of the Fire Department, and Emergency Support Function 7 (ESF7) have now completed the training, having gained the skills and knowledge needed to effectively administer relief in the wake of a disaster.

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K1 Britannia disaster, crisis team launched on Curaçao
Curacao Chronicle

K1 Britannia Foundation formed and launched a Disaster Relief and Crisis Team called K1 DIRECT in St. Maarten in September 2018. Shortly after assembling the team in St. Maarten, K1 initiated a branch of DIRECT in Curaçao and will be strengthening the team this year.

The decision to develop a branch in Curaçao stemmed from several reasons, including the need to be dependable in their commitments to the government of St. Maarten (in the roles of shelter management, first response, and mass distribution), the strategic location of Curaçao and the risk of a disaster striking St. Maarten and affecting the team.

In the wake of a disaster, the team in St. Maarten would potentially become victims and would not be able to assist at their full capacity due to extreme damage to their homes, loss of belongings and other personal tribulations.

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K1 Britannia to host library project for 2019 SXM DOET
The Daily Herald

For the fifth year in a row, K1 Britannia Foundation is taking part in the annual SXM DOET event. The foundation will be hosting two projects aiming to stimulate reading and storytelling throughout the community.

SXM DOET is an initiative that facilitates country-wide volunteering, which encourages altruism and community bonding. This initiative ensures that the community organisations get the help they need, while cultivating a sense of fulfilment for the volunteers.

K1’s main project on Friday, March 15, “Help build little free libraries,” is in need of 7-10 volunteers. The inspiration behind the project is seeing the recent temporary closure of St. Maarten Jubilee Library and the need to facilitate learning and leisure reading by easy access to reading materials.

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