Maritime Youth

As a maritime charity partnering with K1 Britannia Trust, we incorporate a maritime focus in all of our projects to as great an extent as possible. By highlighting and providing the programs for youth to build careers within the maritime industry- which is very prominent on the island- we want to illustrate to youth that there are opportunities and that St. Maarten is full of them. With both our second chance and foster care programs, we’ve partnered with local maritime organizations to provide these youths jobs and apprenticeships, as well as opportunities to learn sailing, fishing, swimming and working with boats for at-risk youth.

Through K1 Britannia Trust’s build of the Britannia — one of the projects that we partner with to support in any way possible — many disadvantaged youth will receive the opportunity to undergo apprenticeships in boat building and craftsmanship, as well as sailing, and hospitality, when she is completed.